Our Story

After a couple failed set up attempts by childhood friend, Meridith and her husband Ryan, Alita was not too interested in being "set up" again any time soon.  Needless to say, Meridith and Ryan had resigned themselves as matchmakers all together.  And then one day, Ryan met a guy in a class at university.

It didn't take long for Frank, the outgoing Texan to become a regular part of Ryan's life, so much so that when it came time for Frank to move home after finishing his degree, Ryan & Meridith invited Frank over for a going away dinner. It just so happened that the same weekend Frank planned to move home, Alita had planned to visit Meridith and Ryan, and so on that fateful night, May 28, 2010, at a small gathering among friends, two halves found their whole.

Well, in reality: Frank claims he knew that night he would fall in love with Alita.  Alita knew about 3 weeks later, after daily message exchanges on Facebook and hours long phone conversations that felt as if they could go on forever!  Ryan & Meridith still claim they weren't setting anybody up, just "putting two really great people in the same place at the same time."  Regardless, Frank and Alita both feel that finding each other was like finding the rainbow after the flood. God's faithfulness is everlasting and our presence in each other's lives is proof.

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