In 1919, Sidney P. Stringer, my Great-grandfather, had his eyes set on a local girl-turned-school teacher, Lola Westenhouse. When he approached her about marriage, she told him, "if you can build the cage, you can always get the bird." Not one to miss a hint, Sidney, a World War I veteran, bought a 40 acre homestead plot 8 miles southeast of Scio, Oregon and built Lola a house. They were married shortly after. Grandpa died in 1940. Grandma Lola lived in the house he built her until the end of her life 45 years later. The house remained in my family as a rental until 2012, when my husband and I moved to Oregon from Texas.

Throughout the years, the house has had several additions like electricity, kitchen cabinets and a bathroom to name a few. Considering my great-grandfather wasn't a craftsman, the house is in excellent condition! My great-grandparents lived off of this land. They planted apple trees, tended a large garden, raised chickens, pigs & cows. My grandfather, who was born in the house in 1928 passed away in 1984, but his sister, three years older than him, is still alive and can remember so many great stories about "her mom's house." She had no children, so we get to hold onto these precious memories for her, as we create some new precious memories of our own.
"Auntiemoe" hard at work in a blueberry patch.
Every summer is the season to "put up the food for winter."

In April, 2013, our daughter, great-great granddaughter to Sidney & Lola was born here. We so look forward to turning Grandma's farm back into a farm. So far we have a garden (half the size of the original one) and 7 laying hens. The apple & pear trees are still producing. There is a lot of work that needs to be done before we can get more animals and become more sufficient. Frank was raised on a small farm in Texas. I was raised in a small town in Central Oregon, so I have a lot to learn about this life, but I am loving it! We both look forward to raising our children out here in the quiet of the country, where they will be given opportunity to learn many important life skills.

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